YouTube Comedian Surprises Families With Christmas Envelopes

YouTube Comedian Surprises Families With Christmas Envelopes

Jamaica Bravo

Famous YouTube comedian Stuart Edge is well-known for pranking random people and posting videos of their hilarious reactions on his online blog.

This holiday he decided to take a break from all the brevity and instead of shocking people with his outrageous escapades, he surprised them with genuine acts of love and sincere kindness. He put on a Santa hat, filled red envelopes with cheery cards, gift cards, and money, and delivered them to total strangers in sneaky ways.

One woman and her daughter received a Christmas envelope floating on nearly invisible strings. Another girl was myteriously handed hers through the clothes hanging in thrift shop. Though a video cameraman is planted somewhere in the background, Stuart Edge himself sneaks off before anyone can see him.

He doesn’t want his presence to make them feel pressured into responding a certain way, though he did want to get them all on film. We’re very glad he did, because their reactions are heartbreaking to see. Several of the recipients completely break down crying. Others look so emotional, you can tell they have been incredibly pressed for money lately, and the gift is beautiful, but hard for them to believe.

The video is so touching, it brought me to tears right along with the gift recipients. It’s the sweetest thing I’ve seen all week!