Mom Writes A Final Facebook Status With A Firm Request for Those She’s Leaving Behind…

Mom Writes A Final Facebook Status With A Firm Request for Those She’s Leaving Behind…

Angela Markus

Technology serves many useful purposes, including interacting with your loved ones even though you may have crossed over. The final Facebook status from a woman who died of cancer is superbly inspirational

Seema Jaya Sharma, 37, lost her battle with the disease, but had already written a special message to be posted when she died.

And it didn’t disappoint. Her final post reminded people of her spunk and told them exactly what to do.




She wrote: This is me, SEEMA Jaya Sharma. My son will keep you updated of when the funeral is etc, and please come in bright colors coz you’re not coming to mourn my death but to celebrate my life!!!

Please keep me alive through you good times and every time you laugh or smile and have fun, I’m right there having fun with u!!! YAY!!! Don’t cry for me Argentina….the truth is that I didn’t even know where u are on the map!! Geography was never my strong point!!

Anyway this is me saying ‘peace out people’ if a bird poos on ur head, that’s just me saying ‘yo man’ and if I really like u then i might just come haunt you to create ur own kinda bird poo innit!!! hehe!! LOVE YOU!!! MWAH!





The former singer and model, from Ilford, London, had beaten cancer three times before and even fronted a campaign for Cancer Research, according to the local reports. But this time, the hurdle was too high. She is survived by a daughter and a son, but with a status like that, whenever they see birds, they should be happy.

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