Selfless Cop Changes The Life Of Two Boys FOREVER

Selfless Cop Changes The Life Of Two Boys FOREVER

Bethany Burrows

Detective Jack Mook is a twenty-two year police veteran who has a soft side that no one knew about.

The Pittsburg man spent his spare time boxing in the gym and teaching kids self-defense. Little did he know that two boys who came to his class would change his life forever.

Forming an immediate bond with the two brothers, Jack became concerned when the pair suddenly stopped showing up. He tracked them down only to find that the two brothers were foster children who were being abused and neglected by their current foster parents. Jack took matters into his own hands and did everything he could to place them in a new foster home…HIS home.

Jack traded in everything he knew to take on the responsibility of fatherhood and legally adopted the two boys.

Now a happy family, Jack and his sons wouldn’t have it any other way.

Thank God for people like this!

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