Selfie Stick Saves This Teen’s Life And She Gets It All on Film

Selfie Stick Saves This Teen’s Life And She Gets It All on Film

Angela Markus

There is a new trend that seems to be emerging, and if you have a teenager of your own, you know exactly what it is. As a result of the ever-so-popular selfie, the selfie stick was invented to give amateur and professional photographers alike the opportunity for a wider angle. A selfie stick is a monopod used to hold a camera or phone that extends beyond the normal reach of an arm.

Some people call them annoying, while others say they are a necessity. In this case, the selfie stick is a life saver.

Erynn Johns was swimming in Nantucket, Massachusetts with her father, Derrick. Wanting to capture the audacious moment, Erynn uses a Go Pro attached to a selfie stick to record the experience. Suddenly, a current pulls Erynn and her dad underwater.

Erynn and her dad were struggling to stay above water all while the Go Pro is still filming.

Fortunately, a stranger comes to their rescue by grabbing onto the selfie stick and pulling Erynn to safety. The stranger then runs back to save her dad. The two are then taken back to safety, all thanks to the assistance of her precious selfie stick.

Mr. Johns told local news that he had been in the Marine Corps overseas, but has never experienced such a scare as he did with this strong current.

Erynn admits that if it were not for the selfie stick, she is unsure of what the outcome would have been.

The next time you gawk at the latest trend in technology, remember this story.

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