Seven Ways You Never Thought To Use Ice!

Uses For Ice

Seven Ways You Never Thought To Use Ice!

Patrick Dangermond

Ice is one of the most under-utilized items that virtually everyone has in the kitchen. Since it’s frozen water (surprise, surprise), it can be used for a lot of the same things as water and even more!

Because of the cold temperature and slow melting process, you can use it for purposes you probably never even thought of! Here are seven uses for ice that will help you around the house.

1. Taking dents out of your carpet. 

If you have carpets, then you know the havoc that your heavy furniture can wreak on it. You can get them out quickly and easily by letting a piece of ice melt on the dent and brushing it out!


2. Thickening up salad dressing 

You can improve any oil-based salad dressing by putting an ice cube with the dressing in the container and giving it a shake! The ice will help to harden the oil, giving it a completely different consistency.


3. Removing chewing gum

Ice is a great way to move gum from your carpet or your furniture. You can harden it on the surface and then scrape it right off!


4. Fluff up reheated rice

Old rice that’s been refrigerated tends to be tough and hard. You can fix that by putting an ice cube in the center of the rice and wrapping the top in plastic. Punch a few holes in it, put it in the microwave and enjoy!

Perfect-Basmati-Rice 5

5. Watering your plants

Forgot to water your plants? Don’t have extra time? Just pop a couple of cubes in your plants to give them a quick drink!


6. Skim fat from your soup

All it takes is a couple of ice cubes to skim the fat from your soup. Drop a couple of cubes into warm soup. When you ladle them out, you’ll see that the fat sticks right to them!

Chicken Noodle Soup

7. Making medicine easier to take

No one likes taking medicine. I swear they make it taste bad on purpose. Give your kid an ice cube before they take medicine to numb their tongue. That way, the bad taste will be a little more tolerable!


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