Cage-Diving Shark Attack In South Africa

Cage-Diving Shark Attack In South Africa

Angela Markus

There are some people who hike 4-mile trails and ride 4-wheel quads and call themselves adventurous. Then, there are people like Hillary Rae, who take adventurous to a whole new level.

She and a girlfriend decided to go shark cage-diving during one of their days off volunteering at Cango Wildlife Ranch in South Africa. Sure, it seemed like a really great idea that would result in a really great story, but they weren’t anticipating what would happen next.

Hillary Rae attached her GoPro Hero 4 to her head and took a dip in the cage. In a matter of seconds, she was face to face with an 11.5 foot Great White shark! He circled the cage once then attacked the bars that separated him from Hillary. The round buoy attached to the side of the cage was bent in half and the lining of the outside blue barrier was bitten all the way through.

What her camera caught is unreal. In a distance, you could hear her friend screaming in the background. Never once did you hear Hillary shriek in terror. That’s not to say she wasn’t terrified- when you see the footage, you’ll be convinced she was shocked to her core.

It’s a scene from a nightmare.

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