Try This Shattered Glass Trend For Fabulous Nails

Try This Shattered Glass Trend For Fabulous Nails

Angela Markus

Nail art is a girl’s best friend. There are some trends that make you cringe, like bubble nails, and there are others that are a must try. The shattered glass nails trend is the new Korean nail art, and it is as cool as it sounds. The trend is courtesy of Park Eun Kyung, the 33-year old maverick whose nail lab Unistella by E.K. is home base for many boundary-breaking manicures like this one.

There are many designs and patterns that will offer the effect of the shattered glass, but here is one from YouTube channel Creativenailart, and it is as simple as it is amazing.

After a fresh manicure, she paints her nails white and allows them to dry. Next, she paints on the liquid latex on the edge of her nails for easy removal of the polish that seems to find its way on the edges. She also allows that to dry before continuing.

She then uses a makeup sponge with four colors (pink, yellow, blue and purple) to dab on her nails. She paints a clear coat over that before removing the liquid latex with tweezers. Next, she cuts different sizes of iridescent tissue paper ranging in sizes. Then she applies them to the nail before a final top coat.

How amazing is this nail art?

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