She Fakes Her Period. So Mom Throws Her A First Moon Party And Humility Ensues!

She Fakes Her Period. So Mom Throws Her A First Moon Party And Humility Ensues!

Jamaica Bravo

Katie takes fitting in to a whole new level. All her girl friends have gotten their periods, but not poor Katie. She had been waiting and waiting for the exciting day but nothing. She finally got tired of waiting and decided to fake it. That’s right, completely lie to all of her friends so she didn’t feel left out!

She places nail polish on a pad, called all her friends and then left it for her mom to find out her little girl has become a woman. When her mom approached her about her discovery, Katie told her she simply got her “ladies day.” What Katie did not know, her mom has had her “ladies day” many times in her life so she could not be fooled.

Instead of punishing her daughter for lying to her, Mom decides to teach her a lesson and throws a party to “celebrate” the monumental moment. Get ready for the best reaction ever!

Mom invites their family, Katie’s school friends, and people her mom worked with to the “moon day” celebration. They all came in bearing gifts for Katie. Can you think of a more mortifying experience for a teen?

There was music in the air, games being played, and people mingling — it was a full blown party! The best part, everything was based on a “period” theme. It was when she spotted her grandpa bobbing for ovaries that Katie nearly lost it!

Finally, Katie confesses to her mom that she faked the entire thing. But there was no grounding for Katie. Instead, Mom hands her a kit so when the day finally arrives she is fully prepared. Katie looked very confused but accepts the gift, because after all, anything beats getting grounded for something so silly.

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