She Went To The Doctors For a Nose Bleed. She Had No Idea It Would Save Her Family’s Life.

She Went To The Doctors For a Nose Bleed. She Had No Idea It Would Save Her Family’s Life.

Angela Markus

Have you ever heard of an instance where nosebleeds become a blessing in disguise? For this Wylie, Texas family, one nosebleed became a lifesaver.

Fourteen-year-old Crystal Enns was having the worst experiences with nosebleeds. They were so bad that they affected her daily functions, like going to school and hanging out with friends.

No parent wants to see a child in pain. “You just want to fix it,” Crystal’s mom said to a local CBS news channel. After a doctor’s visit, the Enns family were given some unexpected news. Their high school freshman received a prognosis of a rare kidney disease. The disease was so severe that Crystal needed a kidney transplant.

The parents of the teenager quickly volunteered as possible donors to save their baby girl.

Upon screening both parents, the doctors found out that they were both suffering from kidney cancer. What are the odds?

The parents would not have known about their dire situation if it were not for the persistent nosebleeds of their daughter. The true definition of a blessing in disguise. In an interview with CBS, Mark Enns said, “The idea is that we’re going to go in…to save our daughter, only to be told ‘this may have saved your life’, because I would never have been tested otherwise.”

There is another twist to this story. After completing MRIs, the parents learned that they were suffering from the same rare form of kidney cancer. Shocking!

Fortunately for Crystal, her aunt was a perfect match for donor and was able to save the teen’s life. The surgery was successful!

Later, Crystal and her family learned that the nosebleeds were a red herring in Crystal’s case. It had nothing to do with the rare disease.
Luckily, the entire family is doing well. Amazing!

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