Watch This Man’s Show-Stopping Audition On “Britain’s Got Talent”!

Shirtless Performance

Watch This Man’s Show-Stopping Audition On “Britain’s Got Talent”!

Ashley Rego

Look out ladies – this steamy video might leave you sweating due to an unexpected hot flash!

When 27-year-old Lewis walks on to the “Britain’s Got Talent” stage, the judges were in for quite the treat. His firmly svelte body, his glowing long locks and his adorable British accent all equate to some serious eye candy – it doesn’t hurt that he can sing too.

But just as he’s getting into the core of his audition, the mic cuts out. He looks around, unsure of what to do, as the judges exchange embarrassed glances. The stage crew quickly rushes out to the floor to sort the situation out.

Suddenly, the music picks up where it started, and in unison, Lewis, along with his co-conspiring stage crew spin around in a choreographed dance. Theses boys must be feeling a bit hot under the collar as their shirts come flying off, but no complaints here!

The performance ends with one last surprise that leaves every woman in the room with flushed cheeks!

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