Couples Announce Their Pregnancies With an Epic “Shut Up and Dance” Parody

Couples Announce Their Pregnancies With an Epic “Shut Up and Dance” Parody

Angela Markus

There are many ways soon-to-be parents can tell their family and friends the joyous news of the new addition to the family. The Murray’s found a fun-loving way to announce their pregnancy and I guarantee you’ll be off of your seat when you see this!

The Murray’s have always joked about how funny it would be to make a parody if they were to ever find out that they were having a fourth child. Blessed with three beauties, the Murray’s were not planning on it. As a matter of fact, on a recent well baby check to their child’s pediatrician, the Murray’s mom was asked if she needed birth control.

An inspiration for the video was the fact that there is a stigma attached to parents having more than two children. That is not the case with the Murray’s. They love children and welcome the new addition to their family.

Singing along to, Walk on The Moon’s Shut Up and Dance, the Murray’s developed a very innovative and cute way to announce the splendid news. But it gets even better than that! Jon Murray’s brother, Aaron, found out he and his wife Liz were adding another member to their family as well, so the timing couldn’t be more perfect. Liz, Jon’s sister in-law found out she was expecting a second child, and they were asked to join in on the fun of announcing the news to family and friends.

The video is funny, cute, and showcases the joy the families experienced while shooting the video. Making the parody was right up Jon’s alley. He has created several parodies for his church, as he is a videographer. Complete with back up drums and dancers from the Murray baby girls, watch and sing along … I guess we can’t go back.

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