Family Band Puts a Unique Spin on Adele’s “Remedy”

Family Band Puts a Unique Spin on Adele’s “Remedy”

Angela Markus

At some point, I think we all wanted to have our own garage band when we were younger. I mean, that’s why video game manufacturers even made a game out of it. It’s practically every teenager’s dream.

For these three musicians, the dream became a reality. What may have started as just jam sessions in their own basement turned into a real band. They’re called Track 45 and they specialize in covers of hit classics, using an assortment of stringed instruments: a cello, a violin, and a guitar. The best part?  They’re also siblings!

This happy family must have some strong musical genetics in their lineage. Which actually isn’t too surprising, when you realize that they live in Nashville, Tennessee, the Country music capital of the world! The teens are originally from Mississippi, and you can hear elements of the region in their music.

Their names are Jenna, Ben and KK, and every one of their covers is so unique! It is definitely worth taking some time to explore their YouTube page, but while you’re here, we wanted to share with you their most recent post. It’s our favorite because it’s Adele, and we are all still totally in love with the famous singer.

You’ve probably all heard her song “Hello”, since it’s everyone in the world’s favorite right now, but there are other great songs on her album too! For example, we love her hit song “Remedy” and so does Track 45! They posted an intriguing cover of it, with their own quirky little flare added on, and we are all about it!

We can’t quite place our finger on it, but there’s something kind of magical about Track 45’s version of this song. Take a listen for yourself and you’ll see exactly what I mean. Enjoy!