This Sick Dad Surprises His Daughter By Traveling Across The Country To Walk Her Down The Aisle

This Sick Dad Surprises His Daughter By Traveling Across The Country To Walk Her Down The Aisle

Kendall Conners

From the moment she watches her first Disney movie as a little girl, a woman never stops dreaming about her wedding till the big event. Every little detail — the dress, the location, the flowers and, of course, the man — is fantasized about!

One of the most amazing things about weddings is all of the beautiful traditions that come with it. The tradition that I’m most excited about for my big day (if and when it ever happens) is to stand next to my dad as he walks me down the aisle. But for Alexandra Price, this precious tradition was unfortunately not a possibility for her.

Her father Andre Pearson had been fighting for his life at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota since March, as stated in a press release. Both Andre’s heart and kidneys were failing when he was admitted to the hospital. Doctors said he was too ill for a heart transplant and gave him about a year to live, says Buzzfeed.

Pearson underwent surgery and started to show signs of improvement. However, doctors told him he was too sick to travel and might not be able to attend his daughter Alexandra’s wedding in California.

Alexandra and the rest of the family just accepted the fact that he wouldn’t be there and wouldn’t be able to walk his little girl down the aisle. However, Pearson’s doctors were determined to get him there and came up with a plan.

Luckily, their plan worked and the night before the big day Pearson arrived in California to surprise his daughter. The family that was in on the plan walked up to the door of the house Alexandra was staying in and knocked. When the door opened and she saw her dad sitting there she broke down and started crying.

He wanted to tell her himself that he’d be there to walk her down the aisle and send her off. This emotional moment was fortunately all captured on film — when I saw it my eyes welled up with tears!

What a beautiful moment these two were able to share. And what’s even more beautiful is that he walked her down the aisle and was there to see her big day happen.

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