Parents Record Their Daughters’ Post Wisdom-Teeth Surgery Rant and It’s Hilarious!

Parents Record Their Daughters’ Post Wisdom-Teeth Surgery Rant and It’s Hilarious!

Jamaica Bravo

Their teenage daughters both had their wisdom teeth removed and these two parents can’t stop laughing! Sitting in the back of the family’s van after their surgery, both girls are still wrapped in bandages, with gauze in their mouths. They can barely talk and everything they say is just hilarious. Their mom finds the whole situation so funny that she tells her husband through her giggles that she “can’t drive or [she’ll] miss it!” So of course, what else can they do? They break out the video camera and start filming their girls’ half-mumbled, half-shouted nonsense phrases while they both crack up in the front seats.

Watching these two drugged-up girls and listening to their parents’ reactions is so funny! The anesthetic used during the tooth removal has obviously made both girls a little loopy and their parents can’t get enough. The things these twins say are absolutely hilarious and you will be chuckling right along with their mom and dad as you listen to them.

On top of the already amusing situation, the fact that Bri and Jess Watson are twins but their reactions to things couldn’t be more different, just makes the entire situation so much funnier.

As their mom jokingly puts it near the end of the video, “Yep. Jess is crying; Bri is laughing.” And that juxtaposition is a perfect example of the completely different ways these two girls react to having their wisdom teeth removed. Poor blonde Jess is distraught from the beginning. She is so embarrassed and scandalized when her mom takes a picture of her with her bandages and swollen face. Oh no! Not a bad selfie! Now there’s evidence…Then, she starts moaning and crying because she can’t remember the biology facts that she spent so much time memorizing the night before! Meanwhile, Bri is loving the new hairdo she discovered with her bandage headband. Her hair really needed that volume! These twins should have their own comedy act.

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