Sister Tries To Convince Dad To Sell Her Brother To The Pet Store

Sister Tries To Convince Dad To Sell Her Brother To The Pet Store

Angela Markus

Regardless of your education, talent or training, becoming a successful businesswoman depends on your insight and negotiation skills. It is important to let your unique, fabulous self become your advantage over the competition. Brother-sister rivalry has been around since the beginning of time, and it will be around for a long time to come. But this big sister is a little business woman in the making, she has thought of the best plan to get rid of her brother so she can get a toy instead.

This little princess suggested that her brother be sold to a pet store so that she can buy a toy owl. The clip starts out showing Rachel’s developing her plan while her brother unsuspectingly plays in the snow.

Then Dad asks, “How did your brother get so silly?”

“I don’t know…I think we should sell him,” Rachel says. After being asked “For what?” she claims, “Because something in him is wrong.”

How much is she willing to sell him for? “One dollar or two dollars or three?” She says about a possible price. She later decides to bring it up to $54. She needs to buy something that is clearly of more value to her than her own little sibling.

But, don’t worry though, she thinks he can be bought back. “If we do that, we’ll go back to the store to see if he’s there,” she reveals later. Oh, kid logic.

What do you think about this business woman in the making?

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