Man Surprises His Parents With A Crazy Skype Call

Man Surprises His Parents With A Crazy Skype Call

Jamaica Bravo

This adventurous man decided to give his parents an unusual surprise this Christmas.

Originally from Ireland, Roger spends most of his time traveling the world and getting into crazy adventures. This year he’s spending the holidays in Sydney, Australia.

Though he may not make it home for the holidays, he is still thinking of his family throughout his travels, so for his most recent escapades, he thought he’d show his parents what he’s up to this holiday.

On December 17th, Roger left the Bounce Hostel he was staying at and teamed up with a YouTube blogging group that tours hostels around the world, looking for enthusiastic and daring young people willing to try something new and thrilling on their vacations. It wasn’t too hard to convince Roger to tap into his daredevil side, that’s for sure. The Irish man has already tried out all kinds of awesome activities in countries all over the world, but this time, he asked for their help in videoing his adventure.

They set up a portable skype camera and called his parents, Pat and Mary. Mom and Dad can’t tell exactly where their son is at first, but guess from all the metal that he is inside of a bus. They quickly learn otherwise, when Roger tells them, “Let me just take care of this real quick” and then proceeds to leap out of the open door.

Both parents scream when they realize that their son has just jumped out of a plane, but their fear is quickly followed by laughter and delight when they see that Roger is fine and that he is having someone else video his descent for them.

Good old Mum Mary even breaks out her own cell phone to take a “selfie” of her son as he falls through the air on the couple’s computer screen. Their gleeful cheers when Roger finally touches down, are as relatable as their sighs of relief.

Any parent watching this will agree whole-heartedly with their reactions. We love seeing our kids triumph and accomplish new things, but boy, do we worry about their safety when their activities involve death-defying feats like jumping out of an airplane.

What parent doesn’t love seeing their kid live life to the fullest though! How cool must it have felt to be this man’s parents, watching him survive such a thrilling adventure?! We’re glad it’s not our kids, but we can certainly relate to the alternating moments of fear and pride these parents must have felt!

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