Study Shows That Sleeping On Your Left Side Gives You Nightmares

Study Shows That Sleeping On Your Left Side Gives You Nightmares

Angela Markus

If you find yourself waking up from hellish dreams, researchers believe that it is because of the position you are sleeping in. It turns out that the way you lie while sleeping might be having an effect on the way your mind wanders.

The first study that suggested such a theory was conducted in 2004. It involved 63 volunteers who were asked to sleep either on their left or right side. They were then asked to fill out a sleep quality survey upon waking. The survey covered dreams and nightmares, their vividness, and how the participants felt in the morning.

The researchers found that the left side group were far more likely to have nightmares. In fact, 41 percent of the volunteers reported having disturbing dreams, compared with just 15 percent of those who slept on their right-hand side.

Spooning Couple Asleep in Bed

The right side group were more likely to remember dreams involving feelings of relief or safety, but they also reported lower quality sleep overall.

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Although much could be said to discredit the study, and there is no conclusive proof at this stage, it certainly offers something to think about the next time you go to bed. If you’re in the mood for a nightmare, try sleeping your left side. Just don’t say we didn’t warn you!

What side do you sleep on?

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