This Sleeping Baby Polar Bear Will Melt Your Heart

This Sleeping Baby Polar Bear Will Melt Your Heart

Angela Markus

Any baby animal is extremely adorable, but this little polar bear wins the cutest baby award, and she isn’t even awake! When the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium in Powell, Ohio, shared a sweet clip of a female polar bear cub sleeping, they did not expect it to melt hearts across the country.

The youngster is seen dozing and moving around in her sleep next to a stuffed animal. The zoo wrote on Facebook, “At 5 weeks old, the polar bear cub is doing very well; she weighs a little over 4 pounds and measures 16 inches long! Both eyes have started to open… but they are not fully open yet.”

The polar bear cub’s tongue is seen poking out of her mouth, and she can clearly be heard making noises while she sleeps. Commenting on her noises, the zoo believes that the cub noises are that of contentment. Very similar to a baby, the baby polar moves around to find a comfy spot, puts one paw over her eyes, and even sleeps on her back.

The zoo also explained that “Her motor skills are improving each day, and she has started trying to stand up on all fours, especially when she’s ready for her next meal!”

The National Wildlife Association has labeled the species as vulnerable. The population is decreasing due to climate changes. But for one we have this little gal to remind us how beautiful nature is.

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