When He Tries To Sleep And Eat At The Same Time Hilarity Ensues!

Sleepy Baby

When He Tries To Sleep And Eat At The Same Time Hilarity Ensues!

Bethany Burrows

This hilariously adorable toddler shows us the struggle between food and sleep is a tough battle. But all is not lost, for it is possible to eat and sleep at the same time! Watch as little Oliver tries shows us how to properly eat a meal while still sneaking in a bit of shut eye.

A father wakes his sleeping toddler for what should be a bountiful meal, but Baby Oliver seems to have had such a busy day, he just can’t stay awake. After a few bites and several nod off’s, Oliver is ready to get down to business and take a big boy bite. Unfortunately, he takes a big bite of the wrong thing – his highchair.

With mom and dad giggling in the background, he realizes his error and continues to munch away at his food. With a plethora of cut fruit in front of him, Oliver decides to go for something a bit more filling. He reaches for a cracker sandwich to quench his needs. In the midst of the cracker, baby Oliver, once again finds it too hard to stay awake. A quick power nap in between bites and he’s back at it! But after a few more bites, it’s still just too hard to stay awake. Through his sleep, he still manages to take a few more chomps out of his food before nodding off again.

With closed eyes, brave little Oliver tries to finish the rest of his food. Finally, Oliver decides it’s just too big a task to stay awake. And he’s down for the count.

It’s not just adults who find it too hard to balance their eating needs and their sleeping needs. It seems we have forgotten just how tough life can be as a toddler. SHARE the love and pass it on!