Sling Shot Ride Malfunctions at Luna Park Cap d’Agde

Sling Shot Ride Malfunctions at Luna Park Cap d’Agde

Erika Carter

I absolutely love local fairs, but only for the cotton candy and arcade games. While many of my friends think I’m a scaredy cat for never going on the rides, after watching this video, I feel quite vindicated.

A twentysomething couple riding a slingshot-style ride was left injured and likely scared from ever riding a roller coaster again — after the cable on the ride snapped! Luckily, the couple survived the horrifying ordeal. The woman, an unnamed 24-year-old was left with a shattered leg, while her boyfriend miraculously only suffered bruises.

The freak accident was caught on camera by park goers, though the video cuts off before any aid is offered to the couple left dangling in the air. Apparently it took rescuers over an hour to reach the pair.

The French government is investigating the incident, though the fair owners have pushed all blame on the manufacturer of the ride. It is unclear at this time if the couple is pursuing legal action.

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