Smart Baby Stacks Pillows To Climb From Bed

Smart Baby Stacks Pillows To Climb From Bed

Angela Markus

There is no telling how smart babies are. Yes, they are cute, chubby, and cherubic, but babies are much more than lovable lumps, according to fascinating new studies that reveal their true abilities. Baby brains grow at an astonishing rate—they more than double in size by the time a newborn turns one-year-old and reach their full adult size just four years later.

Take a look at this little guy making a couple of tentative attempts to get down from a bed. But he is finding the distance to the floor to be too far for comfort.

So what does he do?

Aptly titled, “My Son The Genius,” father, Francisco Aguilar, posted the proud clip to YouTube. The parents should be most proud at how he uses his brain too. He can sense the danger below, so he cushioned his dismount from the adult’s bed so perfectly that the ride down is a smooth one. It is as though he is creating a safe landing for himself. This is a sure-fire hit.

You know this little guy is using his head. Watch as he realizes there is no more pillows to throw. Priceless! When he was ready, he activated bravery to take the leap!

Way to go!

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