Decapitated Snake Bites His Own Body


Decapitated Snake Bites His Own Body

Erika Carter

We all know that nature can be very surprising. Animals come in different shapes, sizes, as well as a manner of surviving. However, there are often times that we often hear of surprising facts about animals. The different possibilities of characteristics of animals are endless.

Snakes are found in many places around the world. They are extraordinary creatures that many people are often afraid of. They do range in venomous content, and we often hear about their characteristics on the Discovery Channel, articles, magazines, or even YouTube videos.

There is a YouTube video that caught the extraordinary circumstance when a snack’s decapitated head bit its own body. There was the snake squirming around and in a second the head bit it’s body. One wonders, how was that possible? The video is more than a minute long, yet the snake still had the capability for both its head and body to move. The snake’s head still had the capability to strike. How? Wouldn’t the snake be officially dead in a matter of seconds? The individual who captured the footage even said, in a comical manner, “How are you going to bite yourself?” One wonders, was it perhaps a simple reaction, twitch, or an act of survival? All in all, the snake is an interesting creature.

The information and wonders are endless. Nature in all its content has many interesting aspects. There is so much more information that we can learn and explore together. It is all a manner of exploring or investigating the wonders of nature. SHARE the love and pass it on!