Learn How To Make A Solar-Powered Night Light For $4!

Solar Powered Night Light

Learn How To Make A Solar-Powered Night Light For $4!

Sophia Gioiello

Store-bought night lights are a thing of the past when you learn to create your own! With just $4, you too can craft a glitter-filled, solar-powered night light. Beautiful and economic? You heard that right!

This homemade project is easy enough for the kids to follow along and only requires a few items you can find at your local dollar store. In the YouTube tutorial below, you will see how to use a crystal ball with small solar garden lights, a mini glass bowl, neon glitter and tacky glue to assemble a vibrant light that glows in the dark!

Simply coat the mini glass bowl with tacky glue and add in as much glitter as you would like. The layers of glitter may be any color combination that your little heart desires! While the girl in the video uses a rainbow pattern, I’m thinking of using gold and silver for the perfect iridescent shine!

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