Jordan Smith Nails ‘Somebody To Love’ On The Voice

Jordan Smith Nails ‘Somebody To Love’ On The Voice

Angela Markus

As we follow Jordan Smith’s journey to greatness on The Voice, it is hard to think that he could top his previous performances, but each week he seems to. This time, he is accompanied by a choir and the result is immaculate.

This week he brings the house down with Queen’s “Somebody to Love.” Just when we think we’ve seen the best of him, he blows us away with his vocal range, vocal control and honesty on stage. I can’t get enough of this guy.

Coach Adam Levine lost it over the young performer and can be seen rejoicing in the audience during the last few seconds of the performance. Covering a Queen classic is no easy feat, and not since the great Freddie Mercury has we seen such a spectacular rendition of the song.

Smith – a Lee University college student who hails from Harlan, Kentucky – can credit his high-pitched, voice for setting him apart from the pack. Smith is already following his coach Levine’s footsteps on the charts, but it remains to be seen if he will walk away as the show’s champion. Something I have no doubt about.

About winning the contestant told People magazine, “I’d be thrilled to win myself, but just as thrilled for one of these ladies or anyone on any of the other teams to win. I think this is a great opportunity and everyone here is deserving of it.”

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