Father Takes His Disabled Son Outside To Feel The Rain

Father Takes His Disabled Son Outside To Feel The Rain

Angela Markus

Fathers are awesome- there is no limit to what they will do to put smiles on their children’s faces. In addition to their corny jokes and terrible dancing, they can be great coaches and expose their kids to some of the best hobbies. When this Sao Paulo native took his son out for a stroll in the rain, he didn’t know how great the result would be.

While that may not seem substantial to some, this young man suffers from a degenerative disease that makes it impossible for him to walk. Rain has its therapeutic offerings, and he is thoroughly delighted to feel the raindrops with a smile from ear to ear as his dad carries him from the front yard into the street.

Do you remember the carefree days when a little drizzle didn’t stop you from having fun with your friends? It was a chance to turn your backyard into a homemade water park where there were no lines and limitless opportunities for amusement. Every game in the rain seemed like way more fun.

This clip is a reminder to us all that something that is insignificant to one, can be priceless to another.

Way to go, dad!

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