Son Travels Overseas to Surprise His Parents for the Holidays

Son Travels Overseas to Surprise His Parents for the Holidays

Jamaica Bravo

This amazingly sweet son decided to surprise his adorable mammy for Christmas, and her reaction is absolutely priceless!

John McAleenan, like his parents, is originally from Northern Ireland. In 2012, he moved away from his home country to the United States. The flight to Ireland from the U.S. is expensive, so he hasn’t been home for the holidays in years, and his parents have really missed him.

This year, he had saved up enough money for a visit, but decided it would be more fun not to tell the parents ahead of time. Instead, he shared his plans with his brother, who still lives in Ireland, and asked his sibling to pick him up from the airport.

The two quietly sneak into the house before their parents come downstairs for the morning and set John up in a comfy chair in the living room. When mom and dad finally wake up and come downstairs, they are not at all prepared for what they find!

Mom’s reaction is huge. Any parent who has had to endure being away from their children for any length of time will completely understand. The way she shrieks and hugs him is oh so relatable!

I think my favorite part is how much he hugs her back. You can tell John McAleenan misses his mammy just as much as she misses him. Seeing the joy and love between these two will make your heart melt!

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