Son Takes Mom Autocrossing… Hilarity Ensues

Son Takes Mom Autocrossing… Hilarity Ensues

Erika Carter

Racing cars is a pretty dangerous thing to do. Whether it be a hobby or your job, there are definite things to take into account when deciding whether or not the adrenaline is worth it. Because of how dangerous the sport is, it’s not uncommon for friends and family of racers to be extremely hesitant about the decision to join the racing community. Some even flat out refuse to have anything to do with it. Think of it as a silent protest of sorts. After all, racing is not something to be taken lightly.

One such mom, who did not give her son the silent treatment or the cold shoulder when he decided to join, is this amazing lady who decided to ride shotgun during her one of her son’s autocross races.

Thanks to a well placed camera that captured her every “ahhh!” and “eeeeeee!” we’re able to take in the experience as if we’re there — and also laugh at her hilariously spot on reactions to the sport.

She is definitely a good sport and a solid support system for her son, even shouting “you’re doing very well, honey” between her screams! But given her facial expressions and reactions, I don’t think she’ll be going for another ride any time soon.

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