At First It Looked a Little Tacky. But By The End I Was in AWE!

At First It Looked a Little Tacky. But By The End I Was in AWE!

Kendall Conners

Who says Christmas lights can only be used during the holiday season? Personally, I think white Christmas lights give off a beautiful glow and create perfect lighting all year round. The tutorial below is about to blow your mind and show you how to create the perfect decoration that can be used all year long — using none other than Christmas lights!

If you plan on hosting Easter this year with your family and loved ones then this tutorial is just for you! Watch as this man takes plastic cups and old Christmas lights and transforms them into the coolest decoration I’ve EVER seen.

He starts off by taking plastic cups (something you might already have lying around the house) and drilling holes in the bottom of them. You can use a power drill or any other tool you have handy. Then he starts building the ball!

He took 12 cups and stapled them together in a circle. Then all he did was build up on that circle with 9 cups, and so on making the circle smaller each time. Repeat this process to complete another half of the sphere. Then just string your Christmas lights through the cups and voila! You’ve just created an incredibly awesome sparkle ball that you can use as a decoration all year long!

See how plastic cups, Christmas lights and a stapler can give your home a little extra sparkle and pizzazz! This can be a perfect decoration for holidays, when you’re having company or just whenever!

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