This Teen With Special Needs Had No Idea Her Day Would Take This Surprising Turn!

This Teen With Special Needs Had No Idea Her Day Would Take This Surprising Turn!

Sophia Gioiello

There are special memories from high school that stick with us throughout our adult years, but there’s one night in particular that is simply impossible to forget…prom!

You spend hours picking out the perfect dress and primping yourself to feel like royalty. But some high school teens are overcome with the anxious question, “Will I get asked to prom?”

Tiffany Gay may have felt those unnerving hesitations about her prom night, but little did she know, there was a certain someone who was looking out for her. Gay is a special needs student at Natalia High School in Texas and didn’t think she would have the same prom stories as you and I.

Her caring friend, Luis Velasquez, was determined to make Gay’s prom experience a night she would talk about for years to come. The two have been friends since seventh grade, and after this selfless act, they will be friends for life!

Velasquez recruited the help of his fellow classmates and the school principal to line the sidewalk during a routine fire drill. Just when Gay thought the surprise ended there, she heard Bruno Mars beaming through the speakers playing “Just The Way You Are.” Cue the waterworks! How sweet is that?!

He then whips out flowers and walks with Gay towards the signs that read “PROM?” Velasquez told his mom he wanted to ask his friend, “because she’s a good person and deserves it!” I think this duo might but the most kind-hearted set of teens I’ve ever seen!

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