Get Beautiful Spiral Curls With No Heat!

Get Beautiful Spiral Curls With No Heat!

Angela Markus

If you ever get jealous of those thick, voluminous curls that some women seem to have naturally, this tutorial will help you to achieve the desired look with absolutely no heat. While some people are just born with thicker, curlier hair, those of us with straight hair have a little more work to do.

With Real Beauty by Cynthia’s YouTube channel’s fantastic tips, you will be able to achieve this look in a few steps.

Cynthia says that to get larger curls, it is best to use larger sections of your hair, but if you desire tighter curls, it is best to use smaller sections. You will need texturizer to achieve this look. Cynthia uses L’oreal’s brand, a comb, and bobby pins.

She sections a portion of her hair, adds a small amount of the texturizing cream, combs through the hair, tightly twists in a knot, and secures it with 2 bobby pins. She completes these steps all through the hair.

She leaves the twists in overnight and unravels them the next morning. What she unveils is nothing short of glamorous. By unraveling the twists and separating them with her fingers, she showcases bouncy and wavy locks.

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