Sportscasters Mock Sorority Girls Taking Selfies at Baseball Game

Sportscasters Mock Sorority Girls Taking Selfies at Baseball Game

Jamaica Bravo

Today’s young people, known as “millenials” by sociologists, have also been condescendingly nicknamed “The Selfie Generation.” Though they would likely object to this title, and the patronizing tone that usually accompanies it, their regular actions prove on a practically a daily basis that it is the most fitting descriptor yet. You just can’t understand us, they may argue, and that appears to be true, because most adults who grew up before smartphones can’t comprehend in the least how kids these days spend their entire lives staring down at screens. If you needed evidence for this, take a look at this video of about fifteen girls in their late teens attending a baseball game.

The video was recorded by the game’s announcers, who catch a glimpse of the girls while panning the camera across the audience for a moment after a home run. The radio announcers voices share amusement and disgust as they narrate all of the ladies’ actions for about two minutes during the most exciting part of the baseball game.

To the complete beffudlement of the broadcasters, though the girls paid good money to sit in the stands, not a single one of them so much as glances up at the players during the entire video. Instead, each of the girls is unshakeably absorbed with taking a variety of selfies with her friends. The men, who are (needless to say) die-hard sports fans and who spend their careers paying careful attention to game play, can’t help but laugh and shake their heads in confusion as they observe the girls.

One after another, the girls trade off their phones, concession stand snacks and facial expressions to take picture after picture of themselves “watching” a game that they never actually see.


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