How Would YOU Distinguish An American?

How Would YOU Distinguish An American?

Erika Carter

We all know the image that we would like to portray to the world but is that really how we are seen by our peers? When we talk about the image of a specific ethnicity or nationality (or any other groups, for that matter), too often we paint the entire group with the best (or worst) person in the entire group.

So, what do other nationalities think of Americans, in general?

We don’t walk around wearing name tags saying, “Hello, I am an American!” — so how do people that aren’t American spot an American?

From scholarly dissertations, to sociology textbooks, to diversity seminars, any number of reports are listed online if you Google the phrase, “How Do You Distinguish Americans?”

SW Yoon polled a group of internationals outside of a university and asked them how they distinguish Americans. Every person he asked noted distinct qualities Americans have and said they’re easy to spot in a crowd.

Some of the responses talked about our accents, weight, eating habits, drinking habits and overall ‘outgoing’ personalities. Some of the responses were offensive and some were actually sweet.

Watch the video below and see for yourself! If you had to pick one characteristic of an American, what would you say?

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