Can You Spot The Thief? Only 2% of People Actually Can

Can You Spot The Thief? Only 2% of People Actually Can

Angela Markus

The brain is no different from any other muscle in the body. If it is not used, it will be lost. There are numerous exercises for the body, but what about the brain? How do you exercise your brain? Now don’t be fooled, the brain benefits when the body endures a healthy workout, but it needs special attention.

There is no wonder why those hidden object games are extremely popular and for good reason!

One explanation of their popularity is that they encourage us to use our mind in ways we don’t normally– the brain works to understand what it is looking for.

Take a look at this picture! Do you think you can spot the thief? Only 2% of people can… 



The picture was taken on a lovely day on a busy street where people seem to be enjoying the local merchants while others sit enjoying a bite at a local restaurant.

It may be very busy but amongst these people is a thief in plain sight!

Pay very close attention to this picture. Have you found the thief yet? If you have then you are clearly exercising your brain! Yay!

But if you haven’t, you’re not alone. I couldn’t figure it out either. But look again…

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