Want To Give Your Home A Whole New Look Without Spending A Lot Of Time Or Effort? Check THIS Out!

Want To Give Your Home A Whole New Look Without Spending A Lot Of Time Or Effort? Check THIS Out!

Ashley Rego


I hate to break it to you ladies, but spring has sprung, and it’s time to break out the old vacuum. That’s right, I’m talking about spring cleaning.

Don’t run away just yet, this year we’re trying to make spring cleaning a little less scary, and even…dare I say…FUN!

While we certainly encourage a thorough dusting, mopping, scrubbing, etc., to start the season off feeling fresh as can be, this year we’re putting the focus of our spring cleaning frenzy onto something a little less…well, grueling.

So go ahead, hang up that dusty old broom (for now at least) and check out these 13 ideas on how to how to give your home a refreshing new look with these spring cleaning upgrades!

1. What better way to make your home feel good as new than to change out all the old lampshades? Bring the used ones to a Goodwill and replace with something a little more modern. Or add a little pizazz to the ones your already have with paint, fabric, or whatever you can think of! You’ll walk into a room and wonder if you’re even in the right house.


2. Throwing a little paint on the walls might be a no brainer, but what about adding paint to just ONE wall. This accent wall will not only add a pop of color that will totally change the vibe, but it also might spark some other decorative ideas…say…new accent pillows?!


*If one focal wall is a little too bold for you, try adding a pop of color to the ceiling. It’s not AS noticeable, but definitely still gives a brand new feel.


3. A great way to punch up your kitchen is to play with lighting. Adding some lights under the cabinets creates an incredibly beautiful glow that will make it seem like your entire kitchen got an upgrade!


4. Don’t feel like messing around with the electrical? Try adding some pizazz to the kitchen counter’s backsplash, like with these peel on tiles! A splash of paint works wonders too!


5. Who says paint is just for the walls? Your kitchen (or any room with vinyl/linoleum floors) can go from drab to fab with the swipe of a brush too!


6. Here’s a quick way to make your room look bigger. Add cheap framed mirrors to your closet doors, and paint the frames to match the doors. Seriously, it works wonders.


7. Here’s a no brainer. If you have any eyesores infecting your walls (like a thermostat or home alarm system), cover them up with a canvas!


8. If I did nothing else during spring cleaning season, THIS one task alone made me feel like my house got a MAJOR tidying. By using a curtain rod, I was able to hide all of those ugly wires crawling amongst the walls!


9. Give your bathroom some TLC and add ribbons in place of those unpleasant shower curtains rings. SO much better!


10. Know WHERE to put the rug in your bedroom. Yes, there is a science…learn it.

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11. This fancy trick will take your kitchen from bleak to chic in just a few short minutes. Throw some washi tape or spray paint onto the refrigerator and let the cuteness explode.


12. You can’t get rid of the eyesores that are kitchen soaps and sponges, but you CAN present them in one adorable way. (Hint: cake stands aren’t JUST for cakes!)


13. Air vents are ugly, there’s no denying that fact. BUT, you can easily disguise them with rubber doormats…who knew?!


So while you’re procrastinating getting on all fours to take a toothbrush to the floor, maybe consider one of these other (less tedious) options that are guaranteed to give your humble abode the clean and beautiful upgrade it deserves!

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PS – don’t forget to check back for even MORE spring cleaning upgrades to keep you busy all month long!


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