Hungry Squirrel Gets Through Crazy Obstacle Course

Hungry Squirrel Gets Through Crazy Obstacle Course

Angela Markus

Countless backyards across the country are battlegrounds between determined homeowners and squirrels fighting over bird food. No mammal is as competent at achieving his goal—ready to defy every design, every device, and every technology intended to keep him from consuming sunflower seeds, peanuts, and corn. Take the man in this clip for instance. His intricate trap is no match for this resilient little fella.

While some people have nothing against squirrels and will let them take a fair share from feeders. A little for squirrels and more for the birds seems to be a good compromise, right? The real problems begin when that arrangement doesn’t satisfy the squirrels, and they take more than their fair share.

Andy Hageman grew up watching his father get frustrated with squirrels eating the seeds out of his bird-feeder. The food was supposed to go to feeding beautiful birds, not the scurry of squirrels with larger-than-life appetites. Instead of shooing off the little critters like most people do, Hageman’s dad created an obstacle course of sorts to deter the pesky squirrels. However, he was in for a surprise with this squirrel’s incredible skills.

To get to the tasty food, the squirrel would have to make their way through an obstacle course of epic proportions. By adding spinning wheels, slippery wooden tubes and a long line of string, there is no chance these squirrels are getting an easy meal. Wrong! Early in the clip, it is evident that this course proves too easy for this clever squirrel adding another complexity to the trap did not help either. I guess he needs to revert to scaring them off after all.

It is the funniest thing you will see all day.

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