A Stallion Steps In To Save a Filly From Drowning – Just In Time!

A Stallion Steps In To Save a Filly From Drowning – Just In Time!

Erika Carter

This video is surely to enlighten any one just how amazing animals can be. This story is about Champ. He is a wild stallion leading a pack of horses in Tonto National Forest in Arizona.

Champ is a white stallion with lots of life in him. The pack of horses end up at the river bank and see another set of wild horses across the river. The horses start to watch a set of colts playing on the bank. The horses become intrigued and start across the river.

This is when it becomes dangerous. The river is strong and starts to sweep a filly away. Champ does not hesitate to go after filly.

Being the obvious leader of the pack, Champ goes to retrieve one of his own from the current. The filly is lead back to safety by Champ. The filly is visibly distraught and heads to its mother.

Once the filly is safe and sound, Champ makes his way across the river and greets another stallion as if they were old friends. After a bit of catching up, Champ heads back to his group of wild horses and the filly greets Champ with affection.

The “Salt River Wild Horses” proves that these animals have souls and care for one another. This land is being cared for by a non-profit organization that wants to educate and teach people about the wild horses and show the beautiful bonds these horses have with each other.

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