Starbucks Barista Dancing To ‘Can’t Feel My Face’ Will Make Your Day

Starbucks Barista Dancing To ‘Can’t Feel My Face’ Will Make Your Day

Angela Markus

Coffee is always brewing inside this Starbucks and so are the laughs, thanks to Eric Calderon, a barista that loves to dance as customers drive through.

There is nothing like driving through your local Starbucks for a cup, and being greeted by this dancing barista. Has this happened to you? Not me, but I hope this inspires baristas everywhere to step it up! 

“I kind of just let the music take control of my body and that determines what’s happening,” Calderon said.

We can all agree that there was a lot happening when Calderon decided to shake more than some iced coffee. He is dropping it like it’s hot to The Weeknd’s “Can’t Feel My Face” and almost instantaneously, the footage went viral.

The now famed dancer thinks that it is ridiculous that guys don’t dance, according to Daily Mail. He has been on the job for only four months, but he’s already turned into an Internet sensation.

“I was getting phone calls and messages as it was going viral,” Calderon said.

One of those calls came from the Ellen Show. The host who loves to dance wanted to see his moves in person. Customers can’t get enough of their local barista and his unusual coffee-making antics.

I would drive there for my cup of coffee with a side of dance any day!

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