Organizing Doesn’t Have To Be a Pain. Organize Your Home In Style With These Cool Tips!

Organizing Doesn’t Have To Be a Pain. Organize Your Home In Style With These Cool Tips!

Angela Markus

Getting organized is one of those popular New Year’s resolutions made by people every year that gets forgotten somewhere in the first quarter. Now that we’re half way through the year, forget it! But what if we told you organization can be a whole lot more attainable than you’ve ever imagined? 

Brooke from the YouTube channel WhatsupMoms has the perfect DIY for us busy moms– get organized in the most stylish way to help maintain an organized living space.

Lazy Susans have been keeping household stuff organized for decades. To create your own, get two round baking tins, ball bearings or marbles, and Washi tape.

First Brooke gets two 9-inch baking tins and pours the ball bearings into one and place the other over the little balls. Watch it spin. She then adds the Washi tape for a decorative finish.

Empty glass containers are the perfect display storage units. Just get a glass container, chalkboard labels, and chalkboard pen. Creating this organizer is simple. She added one of the chalkboard labels to the glass container and labeled it with what you decide to put in, and that is it.

Next, she makes tin can supply containers. You will need empty tin cans, scrapbook paper or fabric, paper cutter or scissors, and a glue gun or glue stick.

She sticks a perfectly measured piece of vinyl around the tin with the glue gun. That’s it! Place them side by side by complementing colors and you have yourself some stylish organization happening! 

You are going to love this last one. All you need is a magnetic strip and metallic spray paint. She spray paints the magnetic strip with gold paint, and then allows her magnetic supplies to hang freely. Superb!

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