Steve Harvey Delivers Powerful Message To Audience About Success, “You Gotta Jump”

Steve Harvey Delivers Powerful Message To Audience About Success, “You Gotta Jump”

Angela Markus

Steve Harvey is known for his hilarity as one of the best hosts of Family Feud. One thing the comedian, actor, host, and businessman is known for is his wisdom. He offers people from all walks of life solid life advice. After one taping a recent episode of Family Feud, Harvey decided to give the audience an invaluable speech on pursuing the gifts God blessed us with and the importance of relying on God in challenging times.

The 58-year-old challenged media’s liberal bias when he shared his religious message to the Family Feud audience. He voiced his opinion on taking chances and living life to the fullest with God by your side. Harvey urges the audience to dig deep within to find the gift that God has “bestowed” upon on us. Then he challenges the crowd “to jump,” if they feel they are “just existing” in life. Not literally, but in a figurative sense, make that big move in life.

Harvey knows a thing or two about “jumping” himself. Before becoming the legend he is today, he spent his early twenties experimenting with all kinds of jobs. He was once a postman, an insurance salesman, and even a wannabe-professional boxer. It wasn’t until 1985 that Harvey found his true calling while performing standup comedy for the first time.

After several years of performing in small comedy clubs, Harvey finally got the breakthrough he needed as a finalist for the Second Annual Johnnie Walker National Comedy Search in 1989. From there, he got several hosting gigs, eventually his own TV show, and the rest is history.

This message is one we all need to hear!

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