Steven Tyler Joins in With a Street Performer

Steven Tyler Joins in With a Street Performer

Angela Markus

I couldn’t imagine a more entertaining experience for a street performer than an impromptu duet with a legendary singer If there were no video footage, no one would probably believe this guy when he said he was singing with the incomparable Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler.

Russian street performer, Alexander Anisimovfor was performing “I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing” and was unsuspectedly joined by Aerosmith’s front man. Spectators captured the beautiful duet that caught the street performer by surprise.

The pressure of performing beside the legendary rocker forced the guitarist back into just negotiating the music. Steven then tries to guide him into the song’s bridge, but he’s happy enough to continue ploughing through the chorus. Tyler then jumps back in and expertly guides him to an ending.

He rewards his efforts with a high five before posing for photos for fans lucky enough to have caught the mini concert. According to a local newspaper, the street singer said, “I didn’t recognize him at all. A foreigner came up to me and started singing along. He sings well,” I thought. “But when he started to sing louder and more confidently, it dawned on me who it was. I was stunned.”

What a lucky encounter!

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