Stingray Eats a Molting Australian Giant Spider Crab

Stingray Eats a Molting Australian Giant Spider Crab

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You might be too caught up in your earthly gossip, but did you ever wonder what drama goes down 12 leagues under the sea?

PT Hirschfield is an avid deep sea diver, that’s why when she was diagnosed with terminal cancer, she wanted to spend her last days where she loved the most. So, Hirschfield dived 137 minutes in 12 degrees Celcius water and was surprised to see that sea creatures have their problems too. What she captured on film is going viral, and when you see it you’ll know why.

Like most pre-fights, it started off as a good ol’ day. Sea creatures were swimming about their day and minding their own deep-sea business at Blairgowrie Pier in Melbourne, Australia. A giant spider crab was in the middle of shedding its shell before being consumed by a lurking stingray. That’s right, wait for it

“Right from the start, three huge smooth rays had circled the ocean floor beneath the pier, waiting for the large orange soft-shelled crabs to emerge from the old, hard shells they had outgrown. Now, towards the end of the crab’s painfully slow moult into its new life, here was the largest predator of them all,” said Hirschfield, according to Mashable.

Due to Hirschfield’s love of spider crabs and her dreams of seeing the entire moulting process, she tried to fight off the approaching stingray, but she had no such luck!

This crab never stood a chance against the hungry stingray.

Devastating just like most altercations, this one ended in tragedy. We feel for PT Hirschfield, but the process is mesmerizing to watch.

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