Fisherman Records Stingray Giving Birth On Land

Fisherman Records Stingray Giving Birth On Land

Ashley Rego

When one fisherman finds a stingray attached to his fishing line, he drags the poor creature along his deck. Right when I think he decides to return the helpless animal to sea, something plops out onto the wood.

The stunned fisherman quickly realizes what’s happening – this stingray is about to be one proud mama!

With one baby flopping on the dock, the fisherman turns the stingray on its back to allow her to finish the birthing process. Right before our eyes, two more tiny stingrays glide out of their mother’s body. It truly is a captivating sight to see.

Immediately the fisherman grabs a bucket of water to flush the baby stingrays back to their natural home! Don’t worry, Mom joins them too!

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