Stolen Dog Is Finally Reunited With His Family

Stolen Dog Is Finally Reunited With His Family

Angela Markus

The loss of a dog is similar to the loss of a family member. Neil and his family arrived at their Riverside Drive home and immediately noticed their dog, Partner, wasn’t there. They thought it was strange as they locked the German Shepherd in the house a few hours earlier, and didn’t know how he could have escaped.

A subsequent review of footage from security cameras shows two people walking away with the leashed dog. Neil said he hasn’t been able to find anything else missing from their house, although one man appears to be carrying something out under his coat.

After the dog’s disappearance, the family posted pictures of Partner on their Facebook pages, asking people if they had seen him. Northern Life also posted the information on its Facebook page. The attention garnered on social offered the family several tips. While out searching one day, they noticed a dog that looked a lot like Partner being walked by a man and a woman.

The dog was noticeable, however, his coat was shaved cleaned. Neil and his wife confronted the two who said they had gotten the dog from Pet Save. They immediately phoned Greater Sudbury Police and waited for them to arrive.

A trip to the vet confirmed that the dog was, in fact, Partner. A recent update shows that the dog thief is facing multiple charges.

We’re beyond happy that this family is reunited with their beloved companion.

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