RARE Footage: Look Closely At The Rocks. When You See It…

RARE Footage: Look Closely At The Rocks. When You See It…

Ashley Rego

Stonehenge is, and always will be, one of the most famous, yet mysterious places in the world. This prehistoric structure located in Wiltshire, England is made up of standing stones that date back to as early as 3100 BC.

While there is no concrete evidence as to who built the cryptic sculpture or why, many theories have been formulated ranging from the supernatural to Neolithic technologies.

As many of the aspects surrounding Stonehenge remain subject to debate, one thing stays true – it has been the location to claims of paranormal activity since the beginning. Whether it be ghosts, UFO’s or some other unexplained motion, Stonehenge has bared witness to it all.

One video in particular went viral, intriguing paranormal enthusiasts and naysayers alike. In what appears to be the ghostlike figure of a little boy, there is no denying that something makes a presence on that screen.

Now, whether this apparition is indeed the spirit of a child or if someone has used Photoshop to mess with the minds of us all, we’ll just never know for sure!

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