How to Stop Producing Trash as Told By a Woman With Very Very Little Trash

How to Stop Producing Trash as Told By a Woman With Very Very Little Trash

Angela Markus

Lauren Singer is quite unique when compared to many young adults her age. She is aware of her environmental impact and does what she can to reduce it. After pursuing an environmental studies degree at New York University, she wanted to “live her values” and decided to reduce the amount of trash she produced. Singer, 23, has gone far beyond most when it comes to sustainable living. She has adopted a zero-waste lifestyle. For the last two years, Singer has amassed only a mason jar’s worth of trash.

Speaking with Laura Ling for ‘Going Off The Grid,’ Lauren has adopted a zero-waste lifestyle, which requires eschewing anything that will end up in a landfill or can’t be composted. The young post-grad doesn’t just go without everyday household products like toothpaste or deodorant. She makes her own.

When she goes to the store, she brings reusable bags, but the organic cotton drawstring bags and mason jars which she uses to avoid plastic packaging. Her lifestyle is a testament to the fact that sustainable living doesn’t have to be super challenging, or even boring.

When Ling asked for some tips, Singer suggested checking your garbage first to get a good understanding of what you waste. She also recommends using reusable items such as bags for groceries, and making your own products.

I am so inspired! What about you?

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