He Points His Camera Up To The Sky And Captures Strange Lights. What Is That?!

He Points His Camera Up To The Sky And Captures Strange Lights. What Is That?!

Jamaica Bravo

It was a windy day in Greenwood, Indiana. The sky was ominous. The clouds were dark in the sky but there were still patches of blue. A biker caught a glimpse of something strange in the sky.

What is that?

There it is again, what is that?

We see what appears to be shooting lights coming out of the dark clouds. It doesn’t appear at first to be an act of nature but a more deliberate attempt at being seen.

What is that?

There it is again. This time the lights are brighter and shoot higher in the sky. They wane back and forth for a minute, sometimes bright, sometimes not. But you never know when they are going to come back.

The lights are shooting into the sky. Is it part of the sunset? No, it can’t be. A sun flare of that size would cause such damage at that short distance so it can’t be that. It is so compelling you just can’t stop filming it.

Are they coming? Is it time to just sit back and wait for them, whoever or whatever it may be, to get here? Maybe we should all just feel the wind around us. Maybe we should all take out an extra minute each day to kiss our loved ones and let them know how much we treasure them. Maybe we should take the time to look at the trees and the flowers. We should probably have invested a little more time enjoying this wonderful earth than we have. Why did I work so hard?

It is beginning to go away now. The lights are not so frequent. There, it’s up again but now it seems to be going away. It’s gone.

That was weird. I just don’t know what that was. Do you?

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