Man Survives Car Going Off Bridge Thanks To Strangers’ Kindness

Man Survives Car Going Off Bridge Thanks To Strangers’ Kindness

Erika Carter

It seems like every day, we see something on the news about how terrible people are. If you got your basis on whether or not humanity was going to hell in a handbasket from watching the evening news, you’d wonder why it hadn’t happened yet. But what you don’t typically see are stories like this one. Unfortunately, gruesomeness sells — but even if it’s not making headlines, this story will give you faith in humanity.

After a man crashed his truck into a guardrail on a bridge in Louisiana, his car went headfirst into the water below. Luckily, he was able to exit the vehicle — and he made it back onto the bridge and to the hospital safely thanks to the kindness of fellow drivers.

As soon as they saw his truck go overboard, every driver immediately pulled to the side to save the unknown man. Al Pike, a man driving behind the car that went into the water, immediately jumped into action. Literally. He jumped into the water in an effort to help. Fellow drivers threw a rope down to Al who was able to secure the rope around the torso of the man whose truck had crashed. They pulled him up to safety and even waited with him until the ambulance arrived.

We’re thankful everyone is okay now — and we hope to see more stories of kindness being shared.

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