Students Play Dead In The Classroom To Prank Their Teacher

Students Play Dead In The Classroom To Prank Their Teacher

Jamaica Bravo

School can be hard on both students and teachers. It’s always good to lighten up the mood a little. A class full of students did just that recently, much to their teacher’s surprise.

Students were going over a lesson with their teacher. They were reading a few worksheets together. It seemed like an ordinary day filled with much discussion. Right in the middle of a debate, the students heard their cue.

The students were about to surprise their beloved teacher. One student uttered the words, “What would you like” and then they all dropped to the floor, before the sentenced was finished being spoken.

The teacher looks around in confusion. He had a surprised look on his face, but once he realized everything was safe, he just couldn’t contain himself. He said to the students amidst his laughter, “What are you doing? Stop being dead, right now! It really is 2012”. The students then got up and started laughing along with their teacher and cheered.

One of the amazing things about this practical joke is that the students all remained perfectly still even with their teacher being overcome by laughter. This is such an innocent, fun loving prank that I am sure was well received by the teacher and something that he won’t forget anytime soon.

This little antic was certainly a bright spot in everyone’s day and most certainly made the learning environment a lot more fun, even just for a few minutes. If you want to do something to brighten someone’s day in your life, remember to SHARE the love and pass it on.