How To Make Stuffed Pretzels 3 Ways

How To Make Stuffed Pretzels 3 Ways

Patrick Dangermond

I love pretzels. They are soft, chewy, salty and delicious – especially when they are fresh. However until recently, I had never had a stuffed pretzel. I didn’t think that pretzels could be any better, but I was proven VERY wrong.

The Domestic Geek has not one, not two but THREE fabulous recipes for stuffed pretzels.

In this video, she shows you how to make pepperoni pizza, jalapeño popper and chocolate-peanut butter (MIND. BLOWN.) stuffed pretzels.  These look amazing and they are super easy to make.

The next time you host a party, be sure to make these. You’ll probably have to make extra since they will fly right off the plate!

Looking for other innovative ways to use cupcakes? Why not use snack pretzels to make butterfly cupcakes!

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