These Summer Beach Hacks Are Too Hot To Handle!

These Summer Beach Hacks Are Too Hot To Handle!

Angela Markus

Everyone loves the beach, but nobody likes a sun burn. They’re painful, awful looking and a pain in the neck to get rid of- literally.

We’ve come across a few beach hacks that make some of your favorite memories even better.

He’s burying his cooler, not because he’s delusional from the sun, but because he’s brilliant. Once he buries it nice and snug, he has so much space to move around. Not to mention, this makes a great hiding place for all of your belongings to be safe while you jump in the waters.

If you thought that was good, there’s more.

From putting your car keys and phone in a “poopy diaper” to making ice cubes of aloe vera, these Diply beach hacks will change the way you summer!  Looks like all you need to worry about is finding that perfect, itty-bitty bikini because we’ve taken care of the rest of your worries.

Happy summer!

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